Why the Grenadines?

The Grenadines are some of the most beautiful, idyllic and untouched islands of the Caribbean.  Throughout this chain of 32 islands, the white sand beaches, tranquil waters and welcoming locals will capture your imagination and your heart.  Below are some of the islands we’ll be visiting during your sailing course.

Bequia – an hour’s sail from our base at Blue Lagoon.

A charming island of sea-faring traditions, steeped in nautical history. Wooden schooners are still built on the beaches. The picturesque anchorage at Admiralty Bay is one of the most popular with visiting cruisers.

Canouan – a three hour beam reach from Bequia

Laid-back, friendly and with a sleepy, old-world charm, Canouan offers stunning views of the central Grenadines from the east coast. This island of farmers and fishermen is also home to the lovely Tamarind Beach Hotel.

Mayreau – an hour’s sail from Canouan

This tiny island with one small road offers two great anchorages – one is at Salt Whistle Bay (“the Caribbean beach dream come true”), with a crescent-shaped harbour, a long white, sandy beach and crystal-clear water, and the other is just to the south at Saline Bay, where you can snorkel or dive the wreck of a World War 1 gunboat.

The Tobago Cays – half an hour’s sail from Mayreau.

To many people, this marine park represents the high spot of the Grenadines. The uninhabited Cays comprise numerous islets and coves, protected by some of the most spectacular coral reefs in the world. You can relax, snorkel or beach-comb in complete seclusion in this rare tropical paradise, accessible only by boat. The Cays are a marine park and sanctuary allowing us the opportunity to swim with and see many turtles and rays! Moorings are available.

Palm Island – An hour’s sail from the Cays

This small island resort has 24 beach-front stone cottages, open-air dining and beautiful white, sandy beaches. Just a short hop from the Tobago Cays, Mayreau or Union Island, it’s a favorite lunch-time stop.

Union Island – half an hour’s sail from Palm Island

The “cross-roads” of the Grenadines, this mountainous island has a good anchorage at Clifton Harbour, home of the Anchorage Yacht Club.  Union is also the home of the extraordinary Happy Island – built by hand, by one man and with a great bar and food for afternoon sun-downers and bites to eat.

Petit St Vincent (“PSV”) – An hour’s sail  from Union Island

This southernmost of the St Vincent Grenadines is a 113-acre resort set on rolling hills and surrounded by white sandy beaches. The island is beautifully landscaped with luxuriant foliage, and there’s a great restaurant on top of the hill where there are stunning views over to Petit Martinique, northernmost of Grenada’s Grenadines. There’s also a lovely beach bar at the anchorage.

Mopion sandbank – your own desert island, just 15 minutes sail from Petit St Vincent.

50 yards long, white sand, one small thatched shelter, and that’s it! – you can walk around the island in 2 minutes!

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