B.O.S.S’s Yachtsman’s Rig Tuning Course.

Barefoot Offshore is pleased to announce another new course -

BOSS’s Yachtsman’s Rig Tuning Course.

Through this course participants will learn how to correctly tune the rig on a yacht, assuring that your mast is set up safely and correctly for the sailing conditions you are going to experience.

This course will not only teach you how to tune the rig, it will also teach how to identify any issues or problems with the rig prior to heading out and how to correct them.

In this hands on course, you will learn and be able to identify and understand the following:

  • Rig Types
  • Standing Rigging
  • Setting and Tuning
  • Maintenance

This courses gives you a firm grasp on the principles of rig tune in a hands on setting both onshore and on board the yacht with all tools and parts required being supplied. You will start with the basic task of plumbing your mast all the way through to tuning your rig for the current wind conditions.




Understanding the above will allow us as Yachtsmen, the freedom and security, knowing that we can correctly handle our Rig. The price for this course includes the Rigging Text book.


Text Book: 

Sail and Rig Tuning by Ivar Dedekam










BOSS’s Yachtsman’s Rig Tuning Course.            $150.00


For more information please email us at info@barefootoffshore.com