B.O.S.S’s Yachtsman’s Diesel Engine Course

Barefoot Offshore Sailing School is pleased to announce our new course -

BOSS’s Yachtsman’s Diesel Engine Course

Through this intensive 2 hour training course, participants will gain essential knowledge into the workings of a diesel engines and most common issues and solutions. You will learn how to properly take care of their diesel engine with safety as the priority. Upon completion, you will be able to diagnose and problem solve the most common issues that occur while out on charter, giving peace of mind while out on the water. True freedom comes when we know we can deal with all aspects of our vessel and in a safe and proper manner. BOSS’s Diesel Engine course provides this freedom.

The course will be run onshore at Barefoot Yacht Charters Marina with full access to a Diesel engine. Lessons will be taught on a test-bed engine giving a 360 degree view of all parts and areas. A full description of all of the various parts and their uses will be conducted as well as all the correct and relevant tools for the job.

Students will be taught to identify and understand the uses of the following:

  • Raw water intake
  •  Fuel shut off valve
  • Kill switch
  • Impeller and Impeller housing
  • Fuel pump
  • Alternator and water coolant belt
  • Alternator
  • Dip stick
  • Oil fillers
  • Engine Coolant fillers
  • Fluid checks
  • Transmission coupling bolts
After the course students will be able to:
Upon completion of the course you will gain the ability to diagnose and problem solve all common issues that occur with a Diesel Engine and will have the ability to do so in a safe and proper manner.                                                                                                                                           
  • Conduct a visual check of the engine for oil, water leaks, broken clamps and that the wiring is secured correctly
  • Check batteries for clean clamps which are tight with no corrosion.
  • Tension all belts as required
  • Tighten transmission coupling bolts
  • Change oil and coolant
  • Diagnose and trouble shoot minor issues
  • Bleed the fuel system
  • Change impeller
  • Change belts
  • Check alternator charge rate
  • Check gearshift, throttle and stop controls

The Course will be taught by our very own Diesel Engine Masters -
  • Gabriel Joseph – Whom has been in the Yachting industry for the better part of 30 years and has an extensive knowledge into the working and common issues that arise with diesel engines.
  • Stephen Lee – An English Engineer who has built yachts from the keel up and knows diesel engines like the back of his hand.

For ASA Sailing School students who have some extra time at our base prior to their ASA 101 – 104 Basic Learn and Cruise Course, this course will tie in perfectly for your 104 Bareboat Certificate and give a huge jump start to your understanding and proper handling of the Diesel Engine while onboard. For those wanting to further their knowledge after taking their on the water training, our Diesel engine course is a great way to hit home the most important aspects of the Diesel Engine. We highly suggest you consider taking this course!

Text Book:

Marine Diesel Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair by Nigel Calder.




BOSS’s Yachtsman’s Diesel Engine Course – $200.00 per person.


For additional information, please contact us at info@barefootoffshore.com