Get a taste of the Caribbean from our Webcam in the Grenadines

Check out the harbor action from the Barefoot office. We start filming at dawn and stop at sunset. We hope you enjoy the view!

9 Responses to Grenadines Webcam

  1. Chrystal says:

    Very cool!

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  3. vanessa says:

    This was my view in the 1970′s !!!!

  4. Julian says:

    Really cool, can’t wait for you folks to install a camera zoom button on the website lol.
    Great idea thumbs up.

  5. Diona says:

    Oh my. I shouldn’t have looked at this right after scrapping my windows!!! :( ( I need to be there!

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  7. Tom Baker says:

    Love SV and the Grenadines. Visited friends on SV and visited several islands. Loved them all. Vacation of a lifetime. Can’t wait to return.

  8. Fred Moulding says:

    That is so very cool,I now feel the need to go sailing, Ahrrrr !!!!!!

  9. Capt. Fred Mooulding says:

    This web cam is great,I have it on all day and dream of being there, Ahrrrrrr !!!!!

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