Basic Sailing to Bareboat Charter Certification Learn-N-Cruise

*SPECIAL – We are pleased to offer a last minute special on our next Basic Learn and Cruise from the  14th-20th SEPTEMBER for either 2 couple or 3 singles! Please email us at for more information.

(ASA 101,103,104)

10 AM Sunday through 1 PM Saturday – This course is run every week of the year. (Please email us at for availability)

Our Basic Learn-N-Cruise is our most popular course! In one week you will learn the basics of sailing while earning your ASA Bareboat Chartering certification. Your certification allows you to charter your own sailboat up to 40’ anywhere in the world. This weeklong live-aboard cruise gives students a hands-on learning experience while exploring the islands of the Grenadines. Prerequisites include pre-study and a desire to learn.

  • The course begins Sunday afternoon. We will spend each night at anchor in one of the many beautiful bays and cays found in the Grenadines.
  • Spend the week learning how to anchor, navigate, maneuver, trim sails, and skipper a larger sailboat while surrounded by the beautiful scenery unique to this part of the world.
  • We provide everything you will need including food. Students are expected to share in meal preparation and clean-up duties. You just need to pack a few clothes – a swimsuit, your flip flops and a desire to learn and sail in this tropical environment. Added expenses include the cost of a few meals we will enjoy ashore, course textbooks, and the optional cost of ASA certification.
  • Most of the boats in our fleet vary in length from 36’ to 50’. Our basic Learn-N-Cruise will feature a Mono-hull in the 40’ range. For our courses we require a minimum of two students with a maximum of four. This allows for plenty of time for individual instruction and hands-on learning.
  • During the week your instructor will cover the curriculum for three levels of certification: Basic Keelboat Sailing, Basic Coastal Cruising, and Bareboat Charter. The course will end on Saturday and depending on your preliminary study, skills, and effort, you will have achieved the three levels of certification.

This unique course is an exceptional value combining an incredible sailing adventure while learning a lifelong skill. 2014 will be our 17th year of teaching sailing in the Grenadines. We know how to do it right and have a good time.

You won’t find a better value anywhere!

Tuition: $1599.00 for week long course.

ASA Certification (optional): $99 ($20 per ASA certification plus $39 ASA-required new student fee with ASA 101)

Prerequisites: Pre-study of sailing terms and principles, and a desire to learn to sail.


Sailing Made Easy, by American Sailing Association 

Costal Cruising Made Easy, by American Sailing Association

Cruising Fundamentals, by Harry Munns

Optional: Annapolis Book of Seamanship

Class size is limited so please call or e-mail for availability. 784-456-9526 or (Please note that responses may come from Thank you!)

All Learn-n-Cruise courses require a minimum of two students, maximum four students, for confirmation.

**Please arrive by 10AM on Sunday ready to take your Basic Sailing (ASA 101) written test. This is the first of three written tests. Each level of certification has a written exam and a skills exam. Thorough study of the textbooks, “Sailing Fundamentals” and “Cruising Fundamentals”, will prepare you for the course and greatly enhance your learning. We recommend using the Sailing Course Curriculum (link found in sidebar to the right) as a guide to help streamline your studying.**

At the end of your learning vacation your boat will return to the Barefoot docks by 1pm on Saturday. Please allow yourself two additional hours to unload, debrief, shower, etc, when planning your transportation home.

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